Not directly AFAIK - but you can add to the hook "semantic-before-pare-hook" (I do not remember the exact name but it sound something similar - i'm sure you find via apropos ;-) a function which checks the length of a buffer and if it exceeds a certain threshold this function should return nil which would in turn prevent semantic from parsing this file.
I can send you a code-example tomorrow evening... maybe the FAQ of ECB contains already a hint, can't remember.............. ;-)

Von: im Auftrag von Arne Schmitz
Gesendet: Di 27.06.2006 18:16
Betreff: [cedet-semantic] Disable semantic parsing, keep ECB

Can I disable Semantic's parsing functions, but still keep ECB? The reason is
that the Semantic parser absolutely does not scale. For example when trying
to load glew.h (system OpenGL header), nothing happens for severeal minutes.
This is really annoying.


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