I gave my emacs a good amount of time to finish parsing everything, letting it run overnight.  Still, the first time I ask for a completion, I need to wait at least ten seconds, and sometimes longer.  If I immediately ask for the same completion, it's instant.  However, if I ask for a different completion and then the first one, I still have the same length wait.

My semanticdb folder is 11M, and one of the files is 2.7M large.  Is this larger than semantic is able to handle well?

On Oct 17, 2010, at 3:05 AM, David Engster <deng@randomsample.de> wrote:

David Schroeder writes:
When I use semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu, I need to wait for around
10s or so for the menu to appear.  Using semantic-speedbar-analysis,
my Emacs freezes up nearly solidly.  M-x
semantic-load-enable-gaudy-code-helpers is just a very very bad idea.

Does it really always take ~10s? It may very well take that long the
first time you query the analyzer on a certain class, but subsequent
completions on the same class should be much faster, also between
sessions. Emacs caches all the semantic information from headers it has
parsed to disc (by default in ~/.semanticdb). The first parsing of those
headers can be time consuming for a large codebase; for instance,
parsing (most of) the STL takes maybe 1-2 minutes on my slow
notebook. CEDET will start parsing either when Emacs has been idle for a
minute, or when you enforce it through completion or other Semantic
features (like speedbar-analysis).

So the only advice I can give you is to give Emacs some time until it
has parsed most of your headers. If you encounter a completion which
*always* takes several seconds until it appears, please post an example


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