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>> The
>> STL header files do not have an extension, they are simply called
>> "vector" or "algorithm" instead of "vector.h" and "algorithm.h". How
>> can I let semantic know that it should parse such a file as a C++
>> file?

You wrote:

> If you system include paths are setup correctly, this should work right away.

I found out the reason why my STL header files were not parsed, although they were included in the system include path (of the ede-cpp-root-project). When I opened these files, Emacs did not know it had to open them in C++ mode. I assume that because of that, semantic did not know how to parse the header files. I modified my auto-mode-alist to also include the STL header files. Now they are recognized by Emacs and by semantic :)

Unfortunately, the Visual Studio 2005 STL version wraps the "namespace std {" statement in a define _STD_BEGIN and "}" in _STD_END. This cannot be parsed by semantic, not even with the right entries in the spp table. This means that a variable of type "std::vector" is not completed, but a variable of type "vector" is. Probably I am doing something wrong here, as semantic parses the gcc STL version correctly, but gcc also wraps the "namespace std {" and "}" commands. I will have to have a look into that.

>> I can imagine this question has been asked before, but searching in the
>> mailing list archive seems not possible.

You wrote:

> You can search the CEDET/Semantic groups at Gmane:
> http://search.gmane.org/form.php?group=gmane.emacs.cedet
> http://search.gmane.org/form.php?group=gmane.emacs.semantic

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