On 2009-05-16 18:11 +0100, klaus.berndl@capgemini-sdm.com wrote:
>> after a almost 4 years "tea-break" ;-) since the last release there
>> comes a new ECB: 2.40 is released.

>This is excellent news. BTW, there's some discussion on including cedet
>and ecb in Emacs 23.2. One of the blockers is ecb relies heavily on the
>advice facility. Is this still the case?

Yes, indeed - and IMHO building an IDE like ECB is quite impossible
without heavily advicing Emacs because Emacs is not designed to display certain content
in certain premanent windows within the same frame - the underlying window-management of Emacs
is designed to create smartly new windows if necessary...

I know that Emacs 23 has already a new feature which can prevent windows from
being deleted by delete-other-window (C-x 1)...this is good and this can
make some ECB-advices obsolete or at least much more simple...
But this is not enough to throw away the advices of ECB......

But ECB has a full stable advice-backbone which allows full control of
all its advices and when they are active and when not.
This comes in by introducing four new macros `defecb-advice-set',
`defecb-advice', `ecb-with-original-adviced-function-set' and
With this  backbone ECB is stable and save concerning advicing a lot
of functions.

Of course it would be possible to enhance Emacs with new features so
most of the advices of ECB would be obsolete but IMHO this costs a lot
of thinking power and needs new and good and proven design decisions for
Emacs...unfortunately currently i could not say what *exactly* would be
necessary for Emacs to support ECB throwing away its advices.......... ;-(
As already said: needs intensive thinking about this topics....

I have not the time to do this because i'm to busy... BTW: I have only build up this
new release because new Emacs 23 and even more current CEDET (which is really
great work by Eric and the other cedet-guys!) are worth
to have at least a stable and powerful and smoothly working ECB (and previous
version of ECB had some drawbacks concerning this)...but i have no time
to invest much more (which would be necessary to integrate ECB in Emacs without
its advices)...
To be honest: It would great if ECB could be integrated in Emacs and if Emacs would
offer all stuff necessary to throw away the ECB-advices but because for me its
too expensive so i will *maintain* ECB as it is but nothing else...

But: If there is someone out which is an elisp-guru and has plenty of time
and is willing to overtake ECB for the sake of integration in Emacs
i would appreciate this a lot and i would support this guy(s) as best
as possible...

>Many thanks for the new release ;)

Thanks back ;-)