I'm afraid I'm still trying to sort out how best to set up Semantic.  I've had some (but not complete) success using EDE and GNU Global, but I thought I'd go back to basics and build from there.  So, now in my .emacs file, I'm only doing:


(require 'cedet)



How then in my (mostly) Java project do I set  semanticdb-project-roots and semantic-java-dependency-system-include-path?  My project directory hierarchy looks something like this:








Where the apps in "app1", "app2", etc., comprise a set of interrelated source hierarchies, and where the package hierarchies (eg., com/foo/bar, etc.) begin below the src directories.  Do I set semanticdb-project-roots to ../rootdir?  Or do I set it to a list of ../app1/src, ../app2/src, etc.?  And, what is semantic-java-dependency-system-include-path for?  Right now, I just set it to the source directory where I downloaded the JDK source files.   Is that the correct usage?


I figure that if I can get this working, then later I can replace semanticdb-project-roots with an EDE project, and can add in support for GNU Global.