Hi all,

I'm using FFMPEG library in my project, configured in ede project in my .emacs, but some includes are unparsed.

The command semantic-decoration-include-visit work in the first include of library but the includes of the visited include show me as unknown includes.

I think the problem is the includes in the library is #include "libavutil/avutil.h" and the "correct" way maybe this #include <libavutil/avutil.h> for the semantic.

My ede project in the .emacs is:

(ede-cpp-root-project "a2-ffmpeg"
                :name "a2-ffmpeg"
                :file "/home/Leonardo/Sources-em-Trabalho/a2-ffmpeg/exemplo.c"
                :system-include-path '("/usr/include/" "/usr/include/ffmpeg" "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libavcodec"
                "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libavdevice" "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libavfilter" "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libavformat"
                "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libavutil" "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libpostproc" "/usr/include/ffmpeg/libswscale")
                :include-path '("/" "../../../../usr/include/ffmpeg/" "../../../../usr/include/ffmpeg/libavutil"

See that i used several paths to try to make work includes.

Someone know how to make work the includes of the library includes ???

                                      Leonardo Gomes.