Eric M. Ludlam <> wrote:

> Hi,
>   Here is a patch to sematnicdb-mk.el that should get you going.
> There seemed to be something strange about how the load-file-path was
> calculated on my version of Emacs.  Hopefully it is safer now to.
>   If needed, you can download the file from CVS directly instead.

I've applied the patch and it works, partially. Example:
I have an dir with some dirs that contain source files.
   |   |-files1
   |   |-files2
and so on...

I do the following in dir:
find . -name '*.[c|h]' | xargs > file_list

then emacs <parms to launch semanticdb-mk.el> <contents of file_list>

it works ok, loads all files listed but semantic.cache is not created for
every subdir.

also, if I create semantic.cache for subdir1 and subdir2,
and semanticdb-project-roots is dir, then open file in subdir2,
I cannot semantic-complete-jump to tag in subdir1.

How can emacs (semantic) be forced to read all semantic.cache files
of the project? Can I list all semantic.cache files in .emacs ?

I'm aware semantic searches one level into include files, can
this be increased?


Igor Lautar, OB MA Team
tel: +386 1 586 5115