Hi, i'm suffering the same problem for quite a while and I find out just now how to reproduce it.

Emacs will hang on "M-x ecb-activate" as soon as there's a  CVS/ folder in the same folder with the file you openned. And thanks for your information, i checked ps -aux and found this:


and is exactly written in CVS/Root. So i think maybe you opened a file under CEDET folder with CVS files in there.

I reported this on ECB-list too.

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 8:12 PM, Daniel Clemente <dcl441-bugs@yahoo.com> wrote:
El dj, mai 07 2009, klaus.berndl@capgemini-sdm.com va escriure:
> Hi,
> first of all sorry for using the cedet-mailing-lists for that but my hope is
> that there are also some ECB-users... ;-)

 That's good because some ECB issues may be CEDET issues.

 For instance, the first thing I noticed after doing ecb-activate with latest CEDET and CVS was that it blocks Emacs, and a ps -axuf shows:

dc       16484  3.3  3.3  82972 68972 ?        Ss   13:45   0:22 emacs --daemon
dc       16767  0.0  0.0   2060   756 ?        Ss   13:50   0:00  \_ /bin/ping cedet.cvs.sourceforge.net

 First question: why is Emacs/CEDET/ECB trying to ping SourceForge? Is it really needed?

 Apparently it never ends:

$ strace -p 16484
Process 16484 attached - interrupt to quit
read(7, "64 bytes from cvs2.sourceforge.ne"..., 6064) = 86
read(7, "64 bytes from cvs2.sourceforge.ne"..., 5978) = 86
read(7, "64 bytes from cvs2.sourceforge.ne"..., 5892) = 86
read(7, "64 bytes from cvs2.sourceforge.ne"..., 5806) = 86
read(7, ^C <unfinished ...>

 Better use ping -c 1!

 This is something that can be configured in ecb-file-browser.el

(defcustom ecb-ping-options (list "HOST")
 "List of options for the ping program.
These options have to ensure that the program set in `ecb-ping-program' only
emits as few as possible ICMP packets, ideally exactly 1. These options must
ensure the ping-program doesn't emit an endless sequence of packets!

 :group 'ecb-directories
 :type  '(repeat string))

 Well, thanks for the release; ECB plus CEDET will enhance Emacs greatly.

-- Daniel

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