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El dt, abr 14 2009, Eric M. Ludlam va escriure:


 This is probably due to my project configuration; basically: I haven't configured anything yet. I must still learn about projects in Emacs/CEDET/EDE/JDE/….

 As a user my expectations would be:

1. CEDET itself could parse the Makefile and get all these project settings; if that works, it's wonderful. No configuration needed.

I can't agree you more. Automatically parsing Makefile of the project will be amazing. To be honest, i tried to learn how to use EDE, but it's not so convenient because i have to write lots of test cases for which i have to create a different project respectively.

2. If something does not work because I must configure a project, I want to get warnings from time to time to know that things are broken. For instance if I step over a symbol which could not be parsed due to project misconfiguration.
  Or, like Eclipse does, with another face for things that could not be correctly parsed (including types not found).

-- Daniel

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