On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 9:22 PM, Eric M. Ludlam <> wrote:
>>> bread <> seems to think that:
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You're summary is pretty close.  If you right-click on an include, and
choose "Summarize Includes current buffer", or just do:

M-x semantic-decoration-all-include-summary RET
Did you mean right-click in Emacs? I just found it did not work for me... Actually when i right clicked on my codes, nothing happened but some blocks are selected.

And, there's no semantic-decoration-all-include-summary. What i can find is only semantic-decoration-mode.

But i found that semanticdb-find-test-translate-path can output some include files, and i'm not sure if these are the candidates where semantic will look for symbols in.

you will get the exact list of things Semantic is using to find
include files.

There are also two completion styles in Semantic.  There is "smart"
completion, and also a more generic brute-force completion that looks
up any old symbol it can find.

Some tools start with the smart completion, and if it fails, uses the
backup completion.  This may be what you are seeing.  The brute force
completion includes all parsed files in the current buffer, or any
databases it can find under the current project, but again only for
files it has already parsed.

So what semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu uses both smart and brute-force completions, right?

I wanted to wrap up knowledge of what a project is in EDE, and not
repeat it for Semantic, so there are a couple of simplified EDE
projects you can use to mark the base of a project.  I found out I can
use GNU Global to do this, so hopefully I'll have a project based on
that soon too.

1. I've seen the manual of EDE before and i was wondering that if it is useful for testcase projects. When u need to write hundreds of test cases for a program, you may put every test case in a single directory, and the program's include files in another directory, just like this:

      -> case01
      -> case02
      -> ...

So i need to create hundreds ede-cpp-projects for every single test case, it's really a time-consuming work. I'm wondering if there's a ede project type for test-cases-like projects.

2. Does semanticdb-project-roots conflict with the paths set in ede projects? If not, which has a higher priority?

3. And, if EDE could automatically analyze Makefile under the same directory with current buffer and added include paths, it will be wonderful!

Zhiqiu Kong (孔直秋)