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On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 2:17 AM, Eric M. Ludlam <> wrote:

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>>> bread <> seems to think that:

>I found the position of "using namespace ***" will effect the completions,
>for example, I have a simple bread.hpp which writes like this:
 [ ... ]
>namespace panda{
>    using namespace bread_name;
>    int func()
>    {
>        bread test;
>        test.
 [ ... ]
>The completions will not show up. Since the codes above can be compiled, i
>think maybe there's something wrong with semantic's analyzing?

The case for finding those using statements was just missing.  I
checked in a fix into semantic-c.el, and also added some tests for
this case.

I tested the case and found it's fine now. Thank you.
[ ... ]
>It seems that all the members are got by semantic. But this infomation can
>be losed after i closed emacs and reopen it, which means, after i reopen
>panda.cpp, i just find that even semantic-analyze-debug-assist can not get
>the possible completions. I need to manually 'C-u M-x bovinate' to make them

Did you enabled ebrowse or exuberent ctags parsing backends?

Are there any error messages when you use

M-x semanticdb-save-all-db RET

I'm not  sure about the ebrowse or exuberent ctags parsing backends. If they all need manually activating, I think i did not do this before. So they might not be enabled on my machine.

I tried M-x semanticdb-save-all-db and no error msg showed up. After this the completions remains unchanged(which means did not refresh), too.

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