I'm now using the latest semantic from CVS and found the error below:

Save Error: "Apparently circular structure being printed": /home/bread/.emacs.d/semantic_cache/!home!bread!jeda!RSG_ITG!include!boost!preprocessor!seq!semantic.cache [2 times]

It seems that an error occur when semantic analyzes boost library. Actually this error showed up to me every several seconds, so the *Message* buffer is filled with it now.

I grepep this sentence and found it was not related to semantic itself, it is related to Emacs (maybe edebug.elc or cust-print.elc?). So i just want to know that is this is semantic's bug or Semantic's bug. And can this be fixed?

Thank you very much.
Zhiqiu Kong (孔直秋)

EDA Labs
Dept. Computer Science & Technology
Tsinghua University
P.R China