I'm sure semantic worked for me, as i can use company-mode properly and semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu to pop up a menu of completions.

what's more, i think allowing users to re-bind the function of M-TAB with other keys will be more flexible since some users may use M-TAB to switch between windows.


2008/10/14 Toby Cubitt <tsc25@cantab.net>


bread wrote:
> I tried M-TAB after M-x completion-setup-semantic , but i was told that "No
> tags table loaded; Try M-x visit-tag-table"。

This is a CEDET error message, so has nothing to do with completion-UI.
It sounds like you haven't enabled Semantic in the buffer. I'm not a
Semantic expert, but you'll probably want to enable
`semantic-idle-scheduler-mode' at least.

If it still doesn't work, try getting Semantic to work in the buffer
first, before trying to enable completion-UI. I recommend reading the
INSTALL file that accompanies CEDET carefully...



Zhiqiu Kong (孔直秋)