Hi, Toby

Sorry for my mistakes on your names and not noticing the download link , and it seems all these 2 has been fixed. :)

I tried M-TAB after M-x completion-setup-semantic , but i was told that "No tags table loaded; Try M-x visit-tag-table"。

P.S: i've seen the screenshots and it's really amazing. and just as what u said, it has more functions than company-mode.

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 4:22 PM, Toby Cubitt <tsc25@cantab.net> wrote:


bread wrote:
> Hi, Tony

Actually, it's ToBy, with a "b" :)

> I just tried the codes on Emacswiki (Example Using
> SemanticBovinator), but when i "eval-buffer", and then M-x
> completion-setup-semantic , i was told that "completion-map" can not
> be found. And i think it's because:
> (define-key completion-map "." 'completion-self-insert))

You need to load the completion-UI library too! OK, OK, I forgot to say
that in my email, though the fact that the code is on the completion-UI
page, which has a link to download the library at the top, was supposed
to be a big clue... :)

> I'm using the latest cedet from CVS now.
> P.S: what about make a demo and put the link on Emacswiki? Users just
> can not image what the real effect is by only seeing the codes. :)

Someone posted some screenshots on the EmacsWiki PredictiveMode page,
and since predictive-mode uses completion-UI for it's user interface, it
looks identical to completion-UI + Semantic.

But you're right, a video demo would be good. I just need to find the


Zhiqiu Kong (孔直秋)