Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
semantic-decoration-all-include-summary lists the header I want. The relevant line is :   dc.h :    4 tags, 0 are includes. It corresponds to reality (two structs, two typedefs)
Here is the partial output of analyse-debug-assist, while prefixing with dc :
Unable to find datatype for: "class ES_SimDC dc".
Declared type is: "class ES_SimDC {}"
Raw data type is: ("ES_SimDC" type (:type "class") nil nil)

Semantic could not find this data type in any of its global tables.

The context is :
static void
UpdateModel(ES_Capacitor *c, M_Real v, ES_SimDC *dc)

2008/7/8 Eric M. Ludlam <eric@siege-engine.com>:

 For starters, you can use:

M-x semantic-decoration-all-include-summary RET

 to get a summary of your includes, and what is in or out of a

 If all the includes you expect are there, you can use:

M-x semantic-analyze-debug-assist RET

 to get some ideas on what is missing for the analyze.  It may just
be failing to parse the local context.

In either case, this info will make it easier for me to debug what is
going on.


>>> "Antoine Levitt" <smeuuh@gmail.com> seems to think that:
>I'm trying to make semantic understand my project.
>Here's my .emacs :
>(setq-mode-local c-mode
>                 semanticdb-find-default-throttle
>                 '(project unloaded system recursive))
>(setq semantic-c-dependency-system-include-path '("/usr/include"
>                          "/home/smeuuh/eda/eda"
>                          "/usr/local/include/freesg"
>                          "/usr/local/include/agar"
>                          "/usr/include/SDL"
>                          "/usr/local/include"))
>Note that I use setq semantic-c-dependency-system-include-path, because the
>prescribed way, semantic-add-system-include, didn't work at all for me
>(includes not found at all)
>So now it works more or less : all includes can be found (ie, when I click
>on the include part of ECB, it finds the file). However, autocompletion
>doesn't always.
>For instance, in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/generic/capacitor.c, I have a
>reference to a DC structure, which is declared in
>The chain of include is :
>in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/generic/capacitor.c, #include <eda.h>
>in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/eda.h : #include <core/circuit.h>
>in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/core/circuit.h : #include <core/dc.h>
>However, when I try to complete dc->, it tells me "cannot find type for dc"
>What did I do wrong ?

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