I'm trying to make semantic understand my project.
Here's my .emacs :
(setq-mode-local c-mode
                 '(project unloaded system recursive))

(setq semantic-c-dependency-system-include-path '("/usr/include"

Note that I use setq semantic-c-dependency-system-include-path, because the prescribed way, semantic-add-system-include, didn't work at all for me (includes not found at all)
So now it works more or less : all includes can be found (ie, when I click on the include part of ECB, it finds the file). However, autocompletion doesn't always.
For instance, in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/generic/capacitor.c, I have a reference to a DC structure, which is declared in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/core/dc.h
The chain of include is :
in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/generic/capacitor.c, #include <eda.h>
in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/eda.h : #include <core/circuit.h>
in /home/smeuuh/eda/eda/core/circuit.h : #include <core/dc.h>

However, when I try to complete dc->, it tells me "cannot find type for dc"
What did I do wrong ?