Thank you for the information, though I've seen this page before. I supposed that semantic has it's own parser and analyzer for c#(wisent-csharp in the contrib subdirectory of cedet-1.0pre4). So my question was how could I turn it on? As for now - I see that something is loaded, but *.cs files still aren't highlighted and aren't browsable by ecb.


On 7/6/07, Eric M. Ludlam <> wrote:
Emacs doesn't support csharp out of the box.  See:

for more.  I don't use csharp, so I haven't tried it myself.


>>> Grayyoga <> seems to think that:
>Sorry, maybe it's something basic, but I can't find any solution or tip to
>start with.
>How could I enable CSharp support in ECB. I've installed latest
>ecb-2.32along with
>cedet-1.0pre4. Documentation says that cedet supports csharp through the
>cedet-contrib packages, but when I open any *.cs file nothing happens - no
>highlighting and symbol browsing. When I open *.cpp or *.py files, then
>syntax highlighting and symbol browsing features work as expected.
>Best regards, Siarhei Rachytski

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