Hi all.
Sometimes i get an error when i want to jump to a symbol
definition with semantic-complete-jump.
The first time it works ok but the second time i get:
Signaling: (wrong-type-argument extentp [15492 15692])
  semantic-overlay-get([15492 15692] face)
  (cons (semantic-overlay-get o (quote face)) (semantic-overlay-get o (quote old-face)))
  (semantic-overlay-put o (quote old-face) (cons (semantic-overlay-get o ...) (semantic-overlay-get o ...)))
  (let ((o ...)) (semantic-overlay-put o (quote old-face) (cons ... ...)) (semantic-overlay-put o (quote face) (or face ...)))
  semantic-highlight-tag(("SM_Set_Reset_Reason_IF" variable (:constant-flag t :default-value (nil)) nil [15492 15692]) nil)
  semantic-momentary-highlight-tag(("SM_Set_Reset_Reason_IF" variable (:constant-flag t :default-value (nil)) nil [15492 15692]))
  #<compiled-function nil "...(72)" [semanticdb-search-system-databases tag nil semantic-complete-read-tag-project "Symbol: " 2 3 push-mark semantic-go-to-tag switch-to-buffer semantic-momentary-highlight-tag working-message "%S: %s "] 5 ("h:\\.xemacs\\cedet-1.0beta3b\\semantic\\semantic-complete.elc" . 39125) nil>()
To me it looks like the extent is already cached via semanticdb
and so is expressed as [number number] but the calling function
(in this case semantic-highlight-tag) expects an living extent.
Maybe smenatic-overlay-get must be made aware of this?
Or is it already fixed in the CVS?
This is with cedet-1.0b3 and XEmacs