Hmm... To me it looks promising what i have seen from cedet and
ecb so far. Very good project, for which i waited some time!!!
The only thing which might need a principal improvement
is the speed of the system when searching the tags.
But cant this be improved with the current implementation, for
example by:
--> lookup symbols in the same order as the compiler would do
      --> current functions locals
      --> current files locals
      --> symbols from all included files, in order of inclusion
--> Speed up lookups in symbol tables
   --> Hashing
   --> Indexing
I dunno how lookup is currently done but maybe there can be
some improvement?
An other point which comes to mind is maybe to implement
the most time consuming stuff in a shared lib / dll and load it into emacs
at run time.

Von: im Auftrag von Eric M. Ludlam
Gesendet: Fr 28.01.2005 04:57
An: Ville Vainio
Betreff: Re[3]: [cedet-semantic] code completion for C++

>>> Ville Vainio <> seems to think that:
>>>>>> "Eric" == Eric M Ludlam <> writes:
>    Eric> The current state of "smart completion" is very early yet.
>    Eric> It seems to work well for most basic cases.  What it really
>    Eric> needs is some sort of high-speed back end for searching
>    Eric> through very large symbol tables in a controlled manner.
>This would seem like a candidate for a separate project - a "source
>code server" of some sort. One could imagine that someone might take
>the C++ code database stuff out of eclipse and provided it as a
>standalone server which you could instruct to parse source directories
>and ask for completion of symbols...
>But it's probably too deeply integrated w/ eclipse to actually be
>worthwhile as a standalone product. It would still be nice for various
>projects though, even ones that don't necessarily need to be source
>code editors.

I'm open to just about any kind of extension.  I tried to make the
object system capable of being extended without tweaking semantic
internals.  If you can do it, go for it!


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