I have two questions about semantic smart completion.

1. When I call "semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu", it will show a pop up menu. But unless I select an option form it, the menu will not disappear. In fact, I want to find a function, when I call it, it can show a pop up menu, and I can select a symbol to comple, but if I do not want to select anyone, I can still insert character to the current buffer. If there is a function like this, I can bind it to every key on my keyboard, so whenever I insert a character, I can always get a completion menu. Is there a function let me do this?
2. It seems that semantic can only analyze the current file and its head file. If I want to write a function that never be declared in the current file, semantic can not comple it. But gnu global can do this. So I want to add global's completion result to the semantic pop up menu, could you tell me how could I do that? Additionally, maybe there are some redundance between semantic and global, I also want to re-arrange the completion result, could you tell me how to do that? Or is there other simple method?


[] ؽ kfc3v3