Yes, Piotr also suggested using the CVS version. I did - and it all works now! And yes, I am using it on Windows. I didn't pay attention during the compilation, so perhaps things did break.
Appreciate all the help guys.

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 12:57 PM, David Engster <> wrote:
Farhan Ahmed <> writes:
> I'm following instructions on
> to enable auto-completion of
> code in Emacs 23.1.
> Here's the relevant part from my .emacs file:
> (load-file "D:/tools/cedet-1.0pre6/common/cedet.el")

Are you using CEDET on Windows? If so, I'm actually surprised you got
1.0pre6 compiled in the first place, since there were some bugs
regarding the Windows platform in that version.

Please update to the CVS version, which you can get by doing

cvs -z3 co -P cedet

> When I put the cursor at the end of ca->, and then type M-x
> semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu, I don't get any options for
> auto-completion. I only see "Cannot find types for "ca"" in the mini-buffer.

Works for me. Put the cursor behind the 'ca->' and do

M-x semantic-analyze-debug-assist

to get further output on why the completion does not work.

> Another tid-bit of information - it seems like Semantic is firing on
> idle and I'm getting this error in the debug frame:
> Idle Work Including Error: "#<buffer .emacs> - Wrong type argument:
> number-or-marker-p, (512 39 . 8739)"

It means that Semantic had a problem parsing some stuff in your .emacs
file, which you probably had opened in your Emacs session. This doesn't
interfere with the C++ parsing, so that error shouldn't matter here at
the moment.


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