Hello, I've been having some trouble with the "import static" construct in java.

With this example:

import java.util.*;

import org.apache.commons.lang.builder.*;
import org.apache.log4j.*;
import org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator;
import org.testng.annotations.*;
import static org.testng.Assert.*;

public class SemanticTest {


When I execute 'semantic-fetch-tags'  the 'org.testng.Assert.*' is not in the results:
(("java.util.*" include nil (dependency-file none unlink-hook (semantic--tag-unlink-secondary-overlays) secondary-overlays (#<overlay from 1 to 2 in SemanticTest.java> #<overlay from 20 to 169 in SemanticTest.java>) link-hook (semantic--tag-link-secondary-overlays) unlink-copy-hook (semantic--tag-unlink-copy-secondary-overlays)) #<overlay from 1 to 20 in SemanticTest.java>) ("org.apache.commons.lang.builder.*" include nil (dependency-file none) #<overlay from 22 to 63 in SemanticTest.java>) ("org.apache.log4j.*" include nil (dependency-file none) #<overlay from 64 to 90 in SemanticTest.java>) ("org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator" include nil (dependency-file none) #<overlay from 91 to 135 in SemanticTest.java>) ("org.testng.annotations.*" include nil (dependency-file none) #<overlay from 137 to 169 in SemanticTest.java>) ("SemanticTest" type (:typemodifiers ("public") :type "class") (unlink-copy-hook (semantic--tag-unlink-copy-secondary-overlays) link-hook (semantic--tag-link-secondary-overlays) secondary-overlays (#<overlay from 208 to 236 in SemanticTest.java> #<overlay from 208 to 209 in SemanticTest.java> #<overlay from 235 to 238 in SemanticTest.java>) unlink-hook (semantic--tag-unlink-secondary-overlays)) #<overlay from 208 to 238 in SemanticTest.java>))

This presents some problems when working with the imports, for example folding, semantic-tag-folding-fold-block, doesn't see the 'import static' and organizing using jde-organize-imports also drops the import static because it's not returned from 'semantic-fetc-tags'.   I took a look at 'wisent-java-tags.wy', I do see grammar tokens for "import" but nothing that looks like it would recognize "import static". 

I'm using cedet from cvs and I've cedet1.0pre4. 

Thanks in advance.