Hi, Eric.

According to your answer, I know how to find th"summarize includes", and this is the result of summarize includes:
Include Summary for File: /home/yupeng/work/emacs/test2/test2.c

This file contains 4 tags, 3 of which are includes.
   Unknown Includes:  2
   Unparsed Includes: 0
   Parsed Includes:   1

Include Path Summary:

  This file's project include is handled by the EDE object:
    #<ede-cpp-root-target /home/yupeng/work/emacs/test2/>

  This file's system include path is:

All unknown includes:

There are currently no includes found recursively.

I put the cursor on "lastanswer" and hit SPC, it indeed show me the correct directory of test2.h!

I copy your ede-locate-setup-options configuration to my .emacs, and try both #include "test2.h" and #include <test2.h>, but test2.h is always high light when I come in global-semantic-decoration-mode.

在2009-01-24,"Eric M. Ludlam" <eric@siege-engine.com> 写道:
>  The "summarize includes" is a context menu on the includes.  If you
>right click on a menu item when it highlights under the mouse, you
>will find the entry.
>  I think you are right, however, that this should probably go into
>some other menu, like in Senator.
>  Because ede-locate-test-global works in some way, however, I think
>basic setup for global is ok.  If you put the cursor on "lastanswer"
>and hit SPC, it will show what is in the list.  As it has 1 entry,
>I'll assume it contains the correct answer.
>  A side effect is that I think your configuration of
>ede-locate-setup-options may not be setup right.  This is what I have
>in my .emacs file.
>(setq ede-locate-setup-options
>      '(ede-locate-global 
>	ede-locate-base))
>Alternately, did you do:
>#include "test2.h"
>#include <test2.h>
>This used to matter, but I think I got rid of the difference in how
>the header files were looked up.
>>>> yupeng82921 <yupeng82921@163.com> seems to think that:
>>Hi, Eric.
>>I test global via command line, when I type "global -P test2.h" in the root=
>> directory of my project, it can find the file "tes2.h". This is the comman=
>>d output:=20
>>yupeng@messiah:~/work/emacs/test2$ global -P test2.h
>>Just as it show, I put the test2.h in the folder sub2.
>>I enabled global-semantic-decoration-mode, but I don't find where to select=
>> "Summarize Includes for current buffer". Is it in the Project menu?
>>I type "C-c . f" and type in test2.h, it can not find test2.h, but I have a=
>> file named test3.h, it is in the root directory of my project, "C-c . f" c=
>>an find it.
>>I tried "M-x ede-locate-test-global", it show me a buffer like this:
>>  ] Name: "test"
>> ] Class: #'ede-locate-global
>> ] :root "/home/yupeng/work/emacs/test2/"
>> ] file "test2.h"
>> ] lastanswer #<list o' stuff: 1 entries>
>> ] hash #<hash-table 'equal nil 0/65 0x92b4428>
>>Please help me check this problem, thanks.
>  [ ... ]
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