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2007/6/6, Eric M. Ludlam <>:
Hello all,

  I've put together CEDET 1.0pre4 and posted it to sourceforge.  This
is the first release I've done since 2005, so it's been a long time,
and the changes since 1.0pre3 are extensive, especially withing the
semantic tool.

  A lot of folks have been helping out with patches, ideas, tools, and
finding interesting bugs with detailed reproduction steps.  Thanks!

  I tried the prerelease out this with Emacs 21, Emacs 22 (a CVS
version from a couple months ago, not the latest one) and XEmacs

  Here is a brief set of release notes:

Major changes to semanticdb search mechanisms.
ebrowse backend to semanticdb
enhancements to intellisense features
Fixes for cogre (diagram editor)
Fixes to several language parsers, including:
* python lockup bug.
* C/C++ preprocessor handling
* Java enhancements
Enhancements to semantic documentation
Enhancements to momentary highlighting
Completion engine fixes and option enhancements.
New debugging/analysis tools for semantic datastructures
New MRU tag bookmarking/jumping mode
New EDE project type "Simple" for wrapping other projects.


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