>  I'm pretty sure I fixed this, and checked it into CVS a couple weeks
>ago.  If I recall, it only happens the first time you open speedbar?

No, it happens everytime.

>  The problem was that the current-buffer was not the origin of the
>buffer from whence the semanticdb object resides, it turns up nil,
>and that's it.  Here is the CVS log entry:

>Revision 1.16  - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]

>(semantic-cb-speedbar-mode): Force a new class browser to be created
>before initializing speedbar.

I'm quite sure i'm using latest available CVS-version because i updated
my cedet workinf-directory at the end of the last week! But i will check
today afternoon the version of semantic-cb.el....

Nevertheless the question: What is a good file to try out this Class
Browser - the best would be if you tell me a file of the cedet-suite
which demonstrates the benefits of this Class Browser?

Thanks a lot,