>That was my thought too going into beta3 which had a lot of new stuff
>in it, then I ran out of time (as usual) in the fall.  My original
>intention was to roll beta3 right into 1.0, but I jut ran out of time.

>Current things yet to be done before a non-beta that have come up
<recently that I know of are:

>The defalias -> alias-tag change to elisp parser.
>Add alias macros to bovine/wisent parser language mode.
>  (I've done the bovine one, and need to check it in)
>dframe updates for ECB simplification.

I will do that...

>Finding a large chunk of free time to build and test the tarball on
>lots of platforms.

I can help in testing with XEmacs and GNU Emacs (current release
and also current CVS) on Windows XP platform...