I've just installed cedet following the docs on the webpage and the "Gentle introduction". All the functionality seems to work, but I have some questions on further customizing.

1: I have added this to my cedet-setup:

(local-set-key "." 'semantic-complete-self-insert)
(local-set-key ">" 'semantic-complete-self-insert)

Is it possible to make these completions appear in a popup instead of in a dedicated buffer? I use "C-c ?" to get semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu which gives me what I want, but it would be nice to have the popup.

2: How can I control what semantic indexes? I have generated a list of all the c/h files in my project, and I would like to index only the files there. Alternatively, I would like to tell semantic about a top directory, and have it find all the c-files recursively from there. What is it that tells semantic which c-files to scan? To use the symrefs and tags functionality I have to know/control which files it have indexed. I have generated a cscope.out that I tried to use, but emacs hangs everytime I tell semantic to use it (this is on windows, so I have generated the file using 'cscope -bR' in a terminal, since the cscope-indexer isn't available).

Any help appreciated :)