I want semantic to always know as much as it can about my project in order that it can help me the best. Maybe I'm not using semantic to it's fullest extent, but I've tried to add the headers for Qt to it in order that it can autocomplete and annotate errors in line. Those are probably two of the biggest, but the very most important part is knowing type & function information on the fly. Perhaps filling out my function arguments for me would be useful too, but I haven't see that yet. Also, I'm having trouble getting it to automatically jump to functions and always getting it right... 

One of the problems is that semantic can't parse qt headers when all the Qt headers contain is an include that's relative, like the case of 

#include <QApplication>

What happens is that when I right click on this and then visit the include, I find that it's an include file that has only one line in it---
#include "qapplication.h"

But as far as emacs visiting this particular include, there's no way to right click this particular header and visit it. In fact, it's not shaded with the semantic face as either unfound (red), or green as in incompletely parsed. This is because it doesn't have a .h ending-I need all my files in my include directories to be appropriately interpreted (*automatically*). How can I set all files in my include directories to be interpreted in a specific mode?

Also, despite my having added all the Qt include dirs to my semantic system includes path, sometimes when I load a particular Qt file it can't load other Qt headers. Take for instance this snapshot (http://imgur.com/vqPuZN0), taken in context with my .emacs containing the following:

(note: QtDir is a correctly set variable pointing to the parent of all of the Qt include folders) 

Why is it not correctly interpreting in this case?