So, I love CEDET and I have a C++ project. Part of this C++ project uses some external libraries, and there haven't been any problems with getting semantic to pick up those external headers; there's good support for it. However, part of this project uses python to help do rapid development by scripting the C++ functions between one another. There are bindings generated by Riverbank Computing's SIP tool, and python is able to import the .so files; the problem with Semantic is that when you specify that you want semantic to pick up some external python modules, python extension modules get excluded. Semantic doesn't pick up so well what is made available by the python extension modules. 

Is there some way that the api files (which I believe are SIP generated) can be imported into the semantic auto completion or semantic syntax checker for python? Or could CEDET somehow have a function added so that it could pick up a python extension module, and extract what is made available from it? (Because I know that I can get help information after I import the modules at the level of the python interpreter) Please see the stack overflow question below: