I am trying to get ECB (ecb.sourceforge.net) to work with php. From what I understand, it depends on semantic for most of the code parsing (ie: showing methods). I have looked for a fair amount of time (1-3 hours) and have not found anything mentioning php.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for either:
1) create a simple HelloWorld type syntax/bovine table
2) adapting existing tables to work with semantic (and ecb)
3) implementing an existing php syntax/bovine table

    I have these in reverse order for ease of implementation because I am intersted in figuring out HOW TO create or adapt existing syntax definitions to semantic. The information seems to all be there, but I'm a visual (read lazy?) person.

    I need to start simple, with an easy proof of concept, then build out from there. I think I am adept enough to adapt a hello world example to a real-world php implementation.

    At the moment, I don't understand what that involves. I assume it is something like:
- define syntax table
- convert syntax table to bovine/semantic table (and save to file?)
- load bovine table in mode (from file?)
- confirm basic semantic functionality (...?)

Is it feasible to talk about an extremely simple 'foo-mode' which perhaps only allows $variables (or something else, syntactically simple) and //Comments?

The BNF could then only deal with separating variables from comments. If I understand correctly, once the syntax tables are set correctly, semantic would then provide a list of known/declared/used variables. Perhaps also provide code completion for those variables?