Hi Y'all,

I have a class defined in a header file, and the name of the header is the same as the name of the class - e.g. class Foo is defined in Foo.h.

If I am in some other file, and I have a declaration:

  Foo foo;

And I place the mark at Foo, the class is shown below the mode line, so semantic knows the tag.

I invoke semantic-complete-jump, and type Foo<return> and the minibuffer says "[Not Unique]"

If I then type a space, the string in the minibuffer is partially completed, such that it says:


If I type another space, it further completes to


Thus it is possible to visit the lines that say "#include <Foo.h>", which is a pretty neat feature, but it is not possible to visit the class definition of Foo.

Is there a function that behaves just like semantic-complete-jump, but without the completion feature? Or is there some other way to deal with this problem.

Thanks, Nik