This is perhaps a good moment to ask something that I have been wondering about that is related. What is the best process to develop a grammar?

I do not have a comp sci degree and so I am left with reading and tinkering to understand how to make minor fixes to the PHP wisent grammar. In particular I have a few expressions (that are used frequently in the CMS) that break further processing of the buffer in which they are in.

The only way I can figure out how to make changes is the following process:

1. make the change
2. C-c C-c to re-compile the wisent grammar.
3. quit emacs
4. start emacs again

Do you work with grammars in a more interactive way? I presume that the generated parsers must be constants to save cpu power? Thus there is no conceivable way to edit a grammar and see the results in the same Emacs session?

The more specific problem (of the CMS code) is less of the issue, I would be more interested in being able to make minor improvements to the grammars, but the learning curve combined with the pace of experimentation has limited my progress in this.

Many thanks for everyone's hard work on this,


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        "int *test = int[100]; " not recognized by semantic
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  Yes, it should be in CVS.  I don't have anything checked out of CVS
right now, so you should be good to go.

  I also tried your example again, and it still works for me.

  Your best bet when updating from CVS, particularly for changes to
language grammars, is to exit Emacs, update CVS, rebuild, and then
restart Emacs again afterward.

Good Luck