Hello CEDET crew !
1. At first I couldn't compile the brand-new CVS CEDET suite at all - as has been the case
   before already; luckily enough I have figured out this time - using the "which" command
   - that a XEmacs bin from my CygWin installation was used, since the CygWin installation
   is in my system path; adding the XEmacs bin from my regular XEmacs 21.4.19 to the
   system path BEFORE the CygWin installation made 'make' actually use the correct XEmacs
   bin ... and voila: The compilation endeavour was good to go :-)
2. Issues during SRecode compilation:
   - I was asked interactively for creation of a dir with the path ~/.srecode; entering
     'y' as well as 'n' made 'make' seemingly hang; I have then created this dir from
     within XEmacs, because in my regular Windows Explorer this is not possible out of
     the box; this made 'make' proceed
   - The following error message occurs during compilation:
    While compiling toplevel forms in file k:\CVSHome\cedet\srecode\srecode-filters.el:
    !! File error (("Cannot open load file" "newcomment"))
    >>Error occurred processing srecode-filters.el: Cannot open load file: newcomment
  Obviously the directive (require 'newcomment) fails; where can I get 'newcomment'
  from ?

Since I am happy that I can eventually compile the CVS CEDET suite, I am looking forward to
getting the last small issues resolved :-) !