Hello CEDET/ECB fellows !
I have just checked out the newest CEDET CVS sources; during compilation,
semanticdb-ebrowse.el issues error messages ...
The main issue is: semanticdb-ebrowse.el depends on the presence of ebrowse - it contains
(require 'ebrowse) - and XEmacs does NOT provide Ebrowse !
I have then downloaded ebrowse.el and view.el from somewhere, but now compilation fails
because of the unknown symbol "display-mouse-p" ...
Is CEDET no longer XEmacs-compliant ? Or what would be the painless solution to make CEDET
compilable again ?

And yes: What is this XEmacs versus GNUEmacs thing all about ? Does it make sense for
XEmacs users to migrate over to GNUEmacs ?
I will be grateful for further Emacs insights in general and a compilable and runnable CEDET in

TIA for Your answers
Kai Tischler from Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany