Hello CEDET/ECB fellows !
I have extended html-helper-mode for my development purposes and want to support this
extended mode using ECB. As a first shot I want to provide tags using exuberant ctags as
the parsing backend.
But though I have configured ECB to use ctags to my best knowledge, it is not invoked by
I have found out that ecb-rebuild-methods-buffer() invokes
ecb-rebuild-methods-buffer-for-semantic() because ecb--semantic-active-p has the value "t".
- How is a major-mode associated with a parsing backend ? In this case how is
  html-helper-mode associated with semantic parsing support ?
- How can I switch between the parsing backends semantic, imenu, etags/ctags ?
- Are there concrete examples out there how to provide new language support using each of
  these three parsing engines ?

TIA for Your answers
Kai Tischler from Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany