I used to program in C over Unix, and was very happy with XEmacs & etags browsing.
However,  when I moved to C++ I tried to use etags with c++, but it didn't work fine for me.
It worked in a way, but kind of annoying. Sometimes, when positioned over a class type A,
it didn't jump to its definition, and instead it jumped to the atrributte of other class B that was
of type ptr to A. Don't know why is that, but it gets confused too much to be useful.

1) If any of the 'gurus' around here knows if this is the right behaviour for etags,
or it is just my fault, please, tell me!
And point me what should I pay attention to...
(I generate the TAGS file with
find . \( -name "*.cc" -o -name "*.hh" -o -name "*.h" -o -name "*.c" \) -exec etags --c++ --members -a {} \;
Now,  I'm programming in C++, and using ECB (Emacs Code Browser) as browser.
use the Methods buffer (that uses semantic).
But sometimes, I miss the cool feature 
of jumping to other files definitions,
just as it was when I worked with etags in plain C.

2) I'm wondering if it is possible to do it with semantic, or I will find the same problems as with etags.
Can anyone refer me to a place in the manual, or give me pointers
 where I can get more info about how to configure it?
(Better if it is with less pain... ;-) 

Thanks in advance,