#9 Code reuse in gate definitions file


Many of our requests seem to want to be able to change
1 thing for many different gate types, or add a
modification to a family of gates.

It'd be great if we could have bits of code that could
be re-used via some sort of "include" blocks or some
such. Or perhaps some method for extending already-made
gates and modifying part (inheritance of some sort).

For example: If we create rising and falling edge
clocked JKFF, we would have 4 parts that differ only in
PART of their shapes, and in the inversion status of
some of their inputs. If we could inherit a base piece
of shape, the logic type, the inputs and outputs, and
allow inputs' settings to be overwritten by the child
so that they could be inverted at will, we could have a
MUCH easier time of things, and the code base would
shrink (reducing places for errors like NANDX8 not
having a logic type).

Also something that would be REALLY nifty is if we
could link a shape section with a toggle setting or
drop-box selection in the parameters box. Then we could
provide toggle-inversion for inputs (Replace the pin
shape with the bubble+pin shape), and maybe even basic
gates that could change sizes - change AND2 into AND4
or some such.


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