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  • Adrian

    Adrian - 2007-07-09

    Great software, very easy to use and very helpful.  I saw on the screenshots that there is a section 10 - Chips.  Is this going to be on a new version? It would be great if you could drop various chips down (like the 74 series ;) ).  Is this planned or is this something i might have to look at adding myself?

    • Benjamin Sprague

      When we decided on the specs for CedarLogic, we decided against adding specific logic chip layouts like the 74 series, and instead went with "logic-level components", since the concept of packaging and needing to connect Vdd and ground and having to remember which pin connects to what internal gate is a hardware issue rather than a logic issue. So, all the original components were derived in a general sense, with the ability to do pretty much anything a 74 series chip can do, but packaged in more versatile components (such as the counter-registers).

      However, the new version (released today!) does include a Z80 microprocessor which I believe does have a pinout similar to the actual hardware - though even there I think we rearranged them in a more logical order since we aren't constrained by the wire routing inside the chip package.

      If you would like to include specific chip types, such as the 74 series gates, you can probably do so without needing to even compile the source code by modifying the "TestGates.lib" file to add them. All of the logic to emulate such gates already exists in the compiled executable, it just needs to know how to draw the gate, and where to connect the pins at. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial on how to modify this file, so you'll just have to read the gates that are there already and play around with them until you get it figured out. :)

      One warning, though: If you do change "TestGates.lib", no other version of CedarLogic will be able to open your saved files with special components unless they have those components added to their "TestGates.lib" file.

      Also, if you do create some good chips that other people may want to use, feel free to post a "Feature Request" in our feature request tracker, attach your new version of "TestGates.lib", and we'll see about adding the new gates into a future release.


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