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Work has started on CDX 4.0 !

Work has begun on CDX 4.0 and there is some chattering on the maintainers list on exactly how it will be implemented. The current goal is to make it "driver" based where we can almost plug-n-play different implementation without changing the actual interface that the application sees. This should allow us much flexability when trying to support different APIs.

As an example, this will allow us to continue supporting DirectX 3.0 (for use on WinNT) but will also allow us to more fully take advantage of DirectX 8.1 without having to resort to the lowest common denomimator, or using a million #ifdef's.... read more

Posted by Michael Rich 2002-03-11

CDX 3.1 released

The latest version of CDX, 3.1, is now available.

CDX is a free, open source, GDK (Game Development Kit) which is comprised of a set of C++ wrapper classes for writing Windows games.

This release supports DirectX 8 and contains the lastest version from CVS including pre-built
libraries for Visual Studio, Example programs (and source) and 5 games from the CDX community (including source).

A new, updated help file is included that contains a complete class reference for the system. This documentation is still not complete but is generated from the source code so will be updated as time permits.

Posted by Bil Simser 2001-11-02

CDX3d project added to repository

The long sought after CDX3d Library, using DX8, is now on the cdx CVS repository. The library is as of yet incomplete and is a work in progress.

I have forgotten to upload what examples I have made to date to the CVS repository but I will add those later today. Expect frequent changes to code and new class additions ariving soon.

Jacek Ringwelski

Posted by Jacek Ringwelski 2001-07-31

Alpha libraries uploaded to website

The CDX libraries for NT/Alpha have been uploaded to the website and are listed on the same page as the X86 libraries.

Posted by Michael Rich 2001-02-23

Uploaded Website HTML to CVS

I've uploaded the HTML files that make up the website to the CVS so that we can start making the site a more collaborative effort.

Posted by Michael Rich 2001-02-20

Uploaded new CVS snapshot to website

A new Feb 18, 2001 snapshot is available on the CDX Website. This snapshot includes the newly uploaded examples.

Posted by Michael Rich 2001-02-19

CDX 3.0 Released

The newest version of the CDX library has been released and contains a brand new install program for easy installation/uninstallation. This allows you to selectively install parts of the system only you want.

CDX 3.0 is a major upgrade for previous users (2.4) of the library and contains dozens of new features and bug fixes. Check the website out ( for more info or give CDX a test drive today!... read more

Posted by Bil Simser 2000-07-27

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