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Cduck project looking for new maintainer

I have, as the maintainer of cduck, not worked on the capibara distributed url cloacking kit for over two years now.
The user comunity has also kinda disapeared from my few, as I have not received any requests for support for over a year. It however remains a project with I think a quite usefull codebase (written mostly in perl), and with some aditional work, it might again gain something of a user community. Unfortunately I have other projects that now take up my limited sparetime.
For this reason the cduck project is looking for a perl developer that would be interested in taking over at least the new development part of cduck. I will remain available for support if needed, but new development on cduck will be in your hands.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2005-09-23

Portability release for Cduck

Today the 0.9.6 version of the Capibara Distributer URL Cloaking Kit has been released. This version of cduck is a bugfix and portability release. Cduck now rund on Linux, FreeBSD and on the Solaris platform.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2003-04-12

Porrability to FreeBSD + many bugfixes

The 0.9.5 release of the cduck distributed url cloaking kit
has many minor and some major bugfixes, and next to this
now not only works on the Linux platform, but has been also
ported and tested on the FreeBSD platform.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-08-24

Cduck 0.9.4 released with trivial intrusion detection system

This release of cduck now also implements a simple trivial intrusion detection system. This software completes the extended set of advanced security and containment features of the cduck system.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-03-31

Cduck 0.9.3 released

The 0.9.3 version of cduck now can coexist with a regular webserver by the use of a simple index.cgi cgi script that can
take over the function of caphttp.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-02-17

Major bug fixed in capdns

A major bug that went unnoticed for a long while was mangling DNS responses to questions from bind9 servers.
This bug was so serious that its discovery and fix justified
the inbetween release of 0.9.2 with just this bugfix. Please
don't use any earlier version no more as older versions are
to badly broken.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-02-16

cduck 0.9.1 released

This cduck release fixes a lot of small portability bugs in the instalation procedure of cduck, along with some other bugs and small problems with logging and host-names.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-02-13

0.9.0 beta patch level 1 available

Many distribution dependancies have been fixed in
install scripts.
Minor bugfix in the handling of DNS MX RR's precedence.

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-01-05

CDUCK 0.9.0 released (initial beta release)

The linux 2.4 version of the Capibara Distributed URL Cloaking Kit has reached the beta status and is now available for download.

CDUCK is software for reliable url cloaking systems using low q.o.s hosts and lines such as
home PC's and dsl or cable connections.

CDUCK combined DNS-server and webserver functionality and strict security for the creation of reliable domain web cloaking.

Next to this CDUCK implements a verry strict security and containment model using user based
firewalling, a chooted enviroment, strict unix acl
subsystem configuration and a trivial intrusion detection system. These measures combine to create
a highly secure system of servers.... read more

Posted by Rob J Meijer 2002-01-02