cdstatus 0.97.03 released

I just released cdstatus 0.97.03. This release reflects two changes:

Firstly, I converted the old-style gethostbyname() method of doing host lookups for the cddb server to the newer getaddrinfo() style. The most important reason for this is that changes to the linux kernel and the hostent structure caused cdstatus to no longer compile cleanly on newer kernels. cdstatus once again compiles cleanly on modern kernels. Please let me know if it breaks on only kernels, etc now. The other side effect of this change is that cdstatus should now be IPv6 clean. For those of you (are there any?) with IPv6 connectivity, cdstatus should now be able to take full advantage of this.

Secondly, I've just switched from subversion to mercurial for version control. I'm still pretty new with it, but it seems to make certain things a lot easier. In particular, merging actually makes sense now, and doesn't require me to manually keep track of the version from which I branched. To that end, I updated cdstatus slightly to remove the subversion revision info in the version string and give the commit time and date for the code.

Enjoy, and as always, I welcome feedback, particularly on the still fairly new support for additional encoders (lame has been augmented with toolame, ogg vorbis, etc).

Also, user forums live again, drop by and contribute your $0.02! Forums are at:

Posted by Nathanael Hoyle 2010-04-18

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