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New release coming soon

Hey folks;

It's been a while since anything new has happened with CDRBQ. This is because very few (if any) new features have been added to cdrecord/cdrdao, making updates more or less unnecessary. This is about to change.

For the last few months I have been working with burning DVDs in Windows. Now that I have a firm grasp of DVD burning I am working on a DVD function for CDRBQ. This is not a fast process, but I have the basic framework complete and am working on fine tuning the burning process.... read more

Posted by Brad Hudson 2004-09-03

Version 1.23 released

Hey folks;

We are pleased to release the newest version of cdrbq. New in this version:

- You can now select recorder speed of up to 52x
- You are now able to select a specific driver to use with cdrdao.

The second one is the more important update. I recently purchased a new 52x burner and found that cdrdao required a special parameter just to use the drive. If you have the same problem, check in the "Modes" config section to select the driver that you need. I have included all of the drivers supported by cdrdao. Please see the documentation for cdrdao for more detailed info.... read more

Posted by Brad Hudson 2003-08-07

New Version - 1.22

Hey folks;

Version 1.22 is out. There is nothing new in this release, it fixes one specific bug that I found when I tried to run it on slackware.

If you have no problems, you do not need to download it.

The next release should be in the next 2 weeks or so, so stay tuned.


Posted by Brad Hudson 2003-03-22

Version 1.21 - who needs CDRWin?

Since 1.20 was able to burn from a CUE/BIN file, I though "why not rip them as well"? Well ripping is the easy part, it's the cue file that's hard. I played around with the toc2cue that ships with cdrdao 1.17, but it failed on the first disk I tried (a vcd disk). Since I mainly use CUE/BIN files for vcd this just would not do. Another issue is that cdrdao only added toc2cue with version 1.17, and not everyone has that yet.... read more

Posted by Brad Hudson 2003-01-29

Version 1.20 - look what I can do!

CDRBQ has a new trick. Now you can use CDRBQ to burn CDs from cue/bin files with cdrdao.

This release is just one more step in the right direction. I want to make this the most complete cd burning utility for linux, but without making it too complex.



Posted by Brad Hudson 2003-01-26

Ideas welcome

Hey folks;

Do you have a favorite trick or some special kind of CD that you like to make? Do you have any command line options that are useful that may not be well known, or only apply to special circumstances? Do you have any tidbits that you'd like to share?

In working on cdrbq I have learned a lot about burning CDs in Linux, but I am by no means an expert. I would welcome any ideas you may have to make this the most complete burning package.... read more

Posted by Brad Hudson 2003-01-07

New Verison Available

Hey Folks;

There's been several new releases in the last while, culminating in version 1.17 which is the most complete version yet. We're not stopping yet though, so stay tuned. Here's some of the new features you'll see in 1.17:

- Support for burn speeds up to 48x
- Support for Mode2, XA1 and XA2, and CDi
- Support for multisession recording
- DAO support
- Buffer overrun protection support (Burnproof, Exaclink)
- Overburn support
- Support for saving preferences... read more

Posted by Brad Hudson 2003-01-07

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