cdrtfe is not recognized Drive DVD when I change the drive letter from D to A

  • ReneTrevi

    ReneTrevi - 2012-10-25

    Hi all. I have Windows 7 Professional SP1 Spanish.
    I'm using v1.5 cdrtfe portable.
    In the operating system I change the optical drive DVD letter from D to A.
    cdrtfe does not recognize the optical device when I have it set up this way. But when the drive letter back to D, then it recognizes it.
    When the DVD Drive is letter A, I can not write information.
    I have a Virtual Drive with DVDFab Virtual Drive v1.4.0.0 using letter B.
    Can you help me?

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  • Oliver Valencia

    Oliver Valencia - 2012-10-26


    I can confirm this. However, this not caused by cdrtfe itself. cdrtfe uses the commandline tool cdrecord from the cdrtools to scan the system for CD/DVD drives. It seems that cdrecord does not scan the drives a: and b: as these drive letters are mostly used for floppy drives. So you should send a request to Jörg Schilling, author of the cdrtools, to change this behaviour.


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