#95 Linux: regular user: ERROR: Cannot prevent/allow medium remo

Luis M

With kernel 2.6.7 I could burn a VCD using cdrdao with
no problem. After upgrading to I get the
following error when I try to do the same as before as
a regular user:

ERROR: Cannot prevent/allow medium removal

If I try to run the command as root, the cd burning
process happens with no hiccups.

Could anybody point me in the right direction on how to
allow regular users the ability to burn discs like before?

Is there a kernel option I missed for ide_cd ?

Drive information:

Cdrdao version 1.1.9 - (C) Andreas Mueller
SCSI interface library - (C) Joerg Schilling
Paranoia DAE library - (C) Monty

Check http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/drives.html#dt for
current driver tables.

Using libscg version 'schily-0.8'

ATAPI:0,0,0: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D Rev: 1.10
Using driver: Generic SCSI-3/MMC - Version 2.0 (options

Of course, the only thing that changed was the kernel.
Everything else was working correctly. This is the
script i use for burning .cue files:

# DESCRIPTION: a simple script to write VCD .cue files
# USAGE: run from current directory. pass .cue file
# write_vcd.sh file.cue

# device block:
cdrdao write --device $DEV --driver generic-mmc $@

Any help appreciated


  • Denis Leroy

    Denis Leroy - 2005-05-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • Denis Leroy

    Denis Leroy - 2005-05-03

    Logged In: YES

    That was a known problem with the linux kernel 2.6.8 (which
    changed the permissions of certain SCSI commands). I believe
    that's fixed since 2.6.9


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