#75 SCSI / IDE is the question ?!?!


I managed to install cdrdao, since im a greenhorn its a wonder it worked so far. Also I found a cdrdao GUI , wich im not shure if cdrdao needs to be installed to use it or if it is a stand alone.
I read the following some where here on these Pages but it didnt work at all.
Cdrdao does notdirectly support IDE Drives, but can be fooled into thinking that your drive is SCSI. There exists a SCSI emulation for ide drives in the linux kernel.( is that really the same as OSX UNIX ??? Im not shure ) Most distros have this option enabled andonly need to tell the kernel that tis Drive mus be handled by the SCSI wrapper.

and then this comand line wich didnt work, I could not even find that file nor the path to it.

In / etc / lilo.conf
you add the line append ="hdx=ide=scsi"
where x is the appropriate drive letter.
Call lilo and reboot. Now you should be able to access the (still IDE) drive as/dev/scd0. Relink cdrrecorder and you re done.

No wif there is some one wich could tell me if that really is supposed to work or no would be great and if it works maybe a little better description. the second option would be the CDRDAO GUI I found it now tells me illegal token ?
before I installed the cdrdao package it said drive not accessable. I have a Lite on LTR 12102C Drive
as far as I know there is only a driver for LTR 12110B. is it that ? Thanks a lot for your help and please be patient with a Unix greenhorn. : ) Im learning


  • David A. Gatwood

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    A cdrdao GUI would require cdrdao to be installed, yes.

    Optical drives are really SCSI devices that just use ATA (IDE) as a
    bus transport for SCSI commands. It's kind-of funky. Anyway,
    there's no reason that you should need any particular driver for
    one optical drive vs. any other. They all should behave basically
    the same way with the exception of support for model-specific
    features (e.g. a table telling what speeds the drive can burn at,
    whether it supports DAO recording, and so on). Your mileage may
    vary, of course. :-)

    Are you unning Mac OS X? If so, then you aren't running Linux,
    and should ignore any advice that involves the words "Linux
    kernel". The device you want is "-device IOCompactDiscServices"
    (w/o the quotes). Then things should "just work".

  • David A. Gatwood

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    Three corrections:

    1. It might be --device rather than -device.
    2. If you are using a DVD burner, it should be IODVDServices
    instead of IOCompactDiscServices.
    3. Also use "--driver generic-mmc".


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