#102 cdrdao 1.2.0 aborting when trying to write - no error given


I am running Debian sarge, and have locally compiled
cdrdao-1.2.0 with all features enabled.

However, when I try to write a CD from gcdmaster, the
progress window states "aborted with error". When I try
from the command line, the normal software startup
lines confirming the version and so on appear, but then
the command prompt reappears without any writing
happening, and no error message appears.

The only way I can actually write a CD is to install
cdrdao-1.1.9 from Debian, and there is no gcdmaster or,
to the best of my knowledge, mp3 support available,

Is this something I have done wrong or is there an
actual problem with cdrdao-1.2.0?

In case it makes a difference, I use xstow to manage
local packages.


  • Brian Lindholm

    Brian Lindholm - 2005-06-18

    Logged In: YES

    I've run into a similar problem (curiously, also on Debian).
    On both Debian 3.0r6 and Debian 3.1, I compiled
    cdrdao-1.2.0 on my own (mine was fairly heavily stripped
    down). When I run, it quits with no error message.

    The exit code returned is 1.

    I chased the error condition down to the resolveFilenames
    function used in line 2287 of dao/main.cc. This check is
    failing. The function itself fails on the resolveFilename
    function used in line 116 of trackdb/Toc.cc. I tried to
    investigate the resolveFilename function in
    trackdb/Track.cc, but I couldn't figure out what was going

    When I compile my cdrdao-1.1.9 on my own, using the exact
    same command-line works flawlessly.

  • Denis Leroy

    Denis Leroy - 2005-11-26
    • status: open --> closed
  • Denis Leroy

    Denis Leroy - 2005-11-26

    Logged In: YES

    Known bug. Now fixed in 1.2.1.


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