#7 Fix for systems with alternate malloc


I checked out the latest CVS release of cdrdao today,
and noticed that if your system uses an alternate
malloc (i.e. one not in malloc.h) lec.cc fails to
build. So I modifed the configure.in to check for a
_working malloc_ and if there is a working malloc,
lec.cc uses this:

#if defined(HAVE_MALLOC_H)
#include <malloc.h>

To include the file if necessary. I know that my Mac OS
X machine, for example, uses an alternate malloc
declared elsewhere, and I imagine other POSIX machines
may do so as well. The change has no effect on Linux or
other systems with a malloc.h, but it'll make the CVS
version compile out of the box.

(The patch was made with 'cvs diff' so you can apply it
with "patch -p0 -E < [patchfile])


  • Anonymous - 2002-11-18

    Malloc fix for cdrdao-1.1.8pre1 from CVS

  • Denis Leroy

    Denis Leroy - 2005-05-03

    Logged In: YES

    no more #include <malloc.h> in the code anyways

  • Denis Leroy

    Denis Leroy - 2005-05-03
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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