#51 Move GCDMaster into a seperate package

gcdmaster (5)

It would be nice, if GCDMaster could be moved from the cdrdao package into its own package, which could have cdrdao as a dependency.

The reason is, that cdrdao is used by CLI only and GUI users. But users with a CLI only systems don't need and want GCDMaster and its GTK dependencies to be installed.

Building GCDMaster can be avoided by the .configure option --without-xdao, but cdrdao can only be built with or without GCDMaster. This is a problem on some distributions like Archlinux, because due to their KISS philosophy they have only two options: Either build a cdrdao package without GCDMaster and without the GTK dependencies or build a cdrdao package with GCDMaster and with the GTK dependencies, which would be not so nice for the CLI only users.

See my feature request there:

I see and understand both opinions. This problem would be solved, if GCDMaster would be moved to a seperate package.


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