Falk Lademann - 2003-01-04

I run cdrdao but somehow it does not work out.
Can someone please give me a hint from the error message below what is wrong? Thanks!

# /tmp/cdrdao-1.1.7.bin.x86.linux/cdrdao simulate --device 0,0,0 --driver generic-mmc --speed
1 cTest001.cue
Cdrdao version 1.1.7 - (C) Andreas Mueller <andreas@daneb.de>
  SCSI interface library - (C) Joerg Schilling
  Paranoia DAE library - (C) Monty

Check http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/drives.html#dt for current driver tables.

Using libscg version 'andreas-0.5-UNIXWARE_Patch'

0,0,0: HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4240N        Rev: D110
Using driver: Generic SCSI-3/MMC - Version 2.0 (options 0x0000)

Starting write simulation at speed 4...
Pausing 10 seconds - hit CTRL-C to abort.
Process can be aborted with QUIT signal (usually CTRL-\).
Turning BURN-Proof on
?: Input/output error.  : scsi sendcmd: no error
CDB:  2A 00 FF FF FF 6A 00 00 1A 00
status: 0x2 (CHECK CONDITION)
Sense Bytes: 70 00 05 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 24 00 00 00
Sense Key: 0x5 Illegal Request, Segment 0
Sense Code: 0x24 Qual 0x00 (invalid field in cdb) Fru 0x0
Sense flags: Blk 0 (not valid)
cmd finished after 0.001s timeout 180s
ERROR: Write data failed.
ERROR: Simulation failed.