open crashes gcdmaster

  • malcolm

    malcolm - 2004-07-14

    Hi all,

    I have a problem where opening a new project crashes gcdmaster. Using the open button on the toolbar, and open in the file menu have the same result.

    I'm guessing it is to do with installing only binary rpms of cdrdao and gcdmaster (the 1.1.9 versions available here). Is there a specific version of libgnomeuimm or gtkmm that works best? I'm running fedora core 1 if that helps.


    • malcolm

      malcolm - 2004-07-18

      ok, I've tracked it down to GCDMaster::closeChooser() in xdao/ Removing the line 'delete projectChooser;' fixes my crashing problem (though this causes a strange effect of opening as many windows for the chosen .toc file as is reported by projects.size & choosers.size). I'm not familiar with this code, but will try and have a bit more of a look.


      • Manuel Clos

        Manuel Clos - 2004-07-18

        Hi Malcom,

        what version are you using? where do you got the rpms?

    • Denis Leroy

      Denis Leroy - 2004-07-18

      Yup there's a bug in gcdmaster but it may not be what you think. Basically gcdmaster is unhappy because it can't find the data files referenced in the toc file you opened. For open to work, the audio files have to be in the same current directory. For example, if you launch gcdmaster manually from a shell in the directory containing the toc file (with 'gcdmaster foo.toc'), things will work just fine. I'll see if i can fix that bug, gcdmaster should at least look for the audio files in the same directory that of the toc file...


    • Denis Leroy

      Denis Leroy - 2004-08-03

      FYI, this is now fixed in the gtkmm24 branch.


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